Here you can read some of my poetry, both improvised and composed, published and unpublished. Some is accompanied by video, audio, or artwork. Sharing or comments are welcome.

Municipalized Messes

american poverty is a house full of junk, Ben says. the second vacuum,      the third picnic cooler. the how-to books.      an unread self-help section. the bric-a-brac stores at auction. “things you’d buy for your grandkids,”      antiques roadshow hopefuls. his...

Westword Live Cutup

Allan Andre- poetry. Improvised live on KVCU, 1190 AM. December 30, 2014. This is a mix of text that caught my eye as I turned the pages of the then-current issue of Westword newspaper… plus a few poets who happened to be walking around in my mind at that moment.

How… can I Be (You) In The Window?

                         (for Mitch, who provided the title.)    
     hear him.
          he is you:
     “watch me.”
                                   a human buddha
                                        was a statue

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